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1939: Law on protected housing and creation of the INV. The first regulation of this period was the law of 19 April 1939 (and its implementing regulation of 8 September 1939), which corresponded to a clearly autarkic stage of the regime and to the Falangist and centralising vocation of the time, combined with large doses of pragmatism in its application. This law would remain in force until the promulgation of the 1954 law and the regulations on protected housing would take the form of the first test of a housing plan between 1944 and 1954. It coexisted with the regulations for subsidized, social, low income and minimum income housing.

This law is a consequence of the great deficiencies in housing that existed in the country, especially in the large cities, derived from previous years, when housing was still not valued as an essential good and a dispersed and poorly executed rental system survived, together with the damage caused in the Civil War. Furthermore, we know that the Spanish housing stock was very old and in need of intense renovation. To this was added the post-war Spanish demographic growth and the process of rural-urban migration. Hence the urgency of the law and the clear ideological identification of the regime. In other words, an ideological project was being constructed, in which housing had a special relevance, which was sustained by the trilogy of home, family and state. Sigue leyendo