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The modern city has been a place of intense and constant transformation over the last century. After the disentailment processes and the elimination of the city walls in the 19th century, the enlargements were imposed and the remodelling of the historic centres was completed, which provided the cities with new administrative buildings, laid out wide avenues and communication axes, and built parks and common leisure areas where the bourgeois city presented its status. But the modern city, above all, was filled with dwellings which, fed by a massive migration from the countryside to the city, forced legislative changes and new planning where the new urban expansion neighbourhoods took the urban limits where the newcomers settled (Fariña Tojo, 2000, p. 20-22).

Thus, in 20th century cities, the expansion of their neighbourhoods towards the periphery can be likened, following Tilden’s metaphor (2006, p. 30), to the growth rings shown by the cross-section of a tree, which tells us its history in the whimsical outline of these concentric lines. From the correct interpretation of each and every one of the points of these rings, with periods of drought that narrow the stripes or periods of heavy rainfall that show great growth, the configuration and evolution of our tree, that is to say, of our cities, is determined. Sigue leyendo