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We have recently published an article on the problems detected in a large part of the housing stock in our towns and cities that were built during the second half of the 20th century, when the technical standards did not contemplate any vocation for energy saving or reuse: When construction was linear. Analysis of the energy sustainability of social housing in Spain (1939-1989). Los objetivos y conclusiones de dicha publicación os la incluimos a continuación.

Building circularly means thinking and design-ing for the future, so that, in addition to sus-tainability in construction, use and possible re-use, at the end of the building’s useful life, all the elements can be usable. Since Pearce and Turner (1995) set out their ideas on the circular economy, this approach has gained prominence in other disciplines, such as architecture (McDonough and Braungart, 2005). However, until very recently architecture has been ‘line-ar’, if we understand this as opposed to that end of reduce-reuse-recycle: the initial purpose was disconnected from the end. Sigue leyendo