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The public company RENFE (Spanish National Railway Network), created in 1941, was granted the status of “construction company” for the purpose of promoting subsidised housing by Decree of 26 April 1944 (BOE, no. 128, 7 May 1944). This enabled RENFE to be the owner of the files to be promoted before the National Housing Institute (INV) and allowed the company to only have to contribute a maximum of 10% of the budget or, alternatively, the plots of land it owned where the housing was to be built. This consideration also allowed it to qualify for interest-free advances and loans at the legal interest rate (around 3 %) and for a term of 20 years granted by the Institute.

The process began at the INV with the application to build on a specific plot of land, accrediting ownership, and the state of encumbrances, if any, and justifying the suitability of the land, normally due to its location near a station or railway enclave. Once the authorisation to build and the transfer of the land had been obtained, a preliminary project and a brief report were presented, detailing the number of occupants, valuation of the land, construction period and budget, as well as the contributions and benefits requested. Sigue leyendo